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At Diesel Group we understand the reality of the diesel injection market in the region, therefore, we propose an integral solution that goes far beyond the single sale of spare parts.

We provide support and training to our business partners, so that, with the help of Bosch experts, they can work with the best teams and understand the changes that arise worldwide.

The change in technology brought with it a great need for information, that is why we have decided to support each of our clients, providing all the information, support and training necessary to be able to understand and correctly address all the new systems of diesel injection.

Part of our promise of value in Diesel Group, is to always keep each of our business partners informed with the best value content. That is why, as part of our work, we promote courses in conjunction with the different manufacturers we represent.


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750+ satisfied corporate customers are our best porfolio

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30+ years in the market.

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OUR MISSION: Offer the most complete line of original products for diesel injection systems, quality in our services, immediacy in troubleshooting and constant training to our collaborators and business partners.

OUR VISION: To be the most complete distribution company for diesel injection systems in the region.


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